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The motto of NAR is – We want to share the best that we have with you.

We understand the cuisine and the flavours of Turkey. We have it in our blood. Deeply rooted in the spirit of hospitality, we focus on the best ingredients and real Turkish recipes. What will we treat you with? Any traditional feast with friends starts with mezzes : the rich world of vegetarian and vegan appetizers. While trying the mezzes, we drink Raki and talk about life. After enjoying some hummus, mercimek, çiğ köfte we move on to meat. That is, to the Ottoman specialty. We guarantee that once you try it, you will come back for more delicacies such as spicy chicken wings, lamb skewers and traditional meats from the Şanlıurfa, Adana, Gaziantep regions, such as Adana or Urfa.

Delicious food from the Aegean region.